BC Liberal Candidate for Vancouver - False Creek

Former Vancouver Mayor.  Order of Canada Recipient.  Founder of Global Civic Policy Society.  Founder of Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation.  Former Vancouver City Councillor.



October 15 to 21, 2020 - 8:00am to 8:00pm

BC Place Gate C (777 Pacific St)

Holiday Inn (1110 Howe St)

The Warehouse (234 W. 2nd Ave)


"Sam remains an engaged public figure in the fight for a safer Vancouver."

Michael Geldert, Director, Safer Vancouver Society

"Sam is one of the few that have made a difference”

Dean Wilson, Former president, Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users


Safety in Our Neighbourhood

The communities of Vancouver False Creek have become less safe under the NDP. A vote for the NDP will be interpreted as an endorsement of their polices.

The purchase and lease of hotels and the use of community centers for people with untreated and unsupported mental illness and addiction was done with no notification to the community whatsoever. This has had a profound impact on Vancouver False Creek neighbourhoods which have the second highest density of children under 12 in Vancouver.

In 2016 as overdose deaths rose alarmingly BC Liberal Health Minister Terry Lake moved to increase the Crosstown Clinic to 500 spaces and the Three Bridges Clinic was scheduled to have a version of this using pharmaceutical alternatives. Both of these were cancelled under the new NDP government. Key recommendations in Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe's 2017 report have been ignored. The federal government has approved Hydrophone for On Label use for addictions since May 2019 but this opportunity to reduce deaths has been squandered. The resignation of four key members of the NDP overdose committee(and recently a fifth) underlines concerns broadly felt with how this issue has been handled. The fact that over 4,000 British Columbians have died of this completely preventable cause and that death rates are at an all-time high is evidence that this file has been completely mishandled.

In June and July 2007 then-Mayor Sam Sullivan was interviewed by the Vancouver Sun and Tyee stating that he had helped Mayor Philip Owen establish the first supervised injection site in North America but he believed it was wrong to have people consume street drugs and better alternatives needed to be explored. He established the Inner Change Foundation which helped raise $14 million for the SALOME drug research trials. This eventually became the Crosstown Clinic, located in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, providing addicted individuals pharmaceutical alternatives to street drugs. Its Director Dr. Scott MacDonald has confirmed, "it is immoral, unethical and doesn't make medical sense to have people use street drugs when pharmaceutical alternatives are available”.

Sullivan believes that the core commitment of any government must be to keep all of its citizens safe. The NDP has failed in this key duty to the diverse residents of Vancouver False Creek neighbourhoods. Please vote on or before October 24th, 2020 to restore safety to all of our communities. Sam Sullivan is running for re-election with the BC Liberal Party.


Community Safety Zoom Session

Sam Sullivan’s 7th and final Community Safety Zoom Session will be held on Monday October 19 at 4:00 PM. He organized the first session in early May when serious crime and disorder started appearing in the neighbourhood. They have been attended by representatives of the Vancouver Police Department, senior officials with the city of Vancouver, medical professionals, the heads of social service agencies, business and residents groups, representatives people with addictions including family and a former President of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users(VANDU). When the snap election was called, several City Councillors and a Park Board Commissioner attended sessions and shared their insights. Each of the sessions have been attended by over 100 people.

As MLA, Sam Sullivan has provided an opportunity for citizens to learn about what is happening in their neighbourhood and to explore solutions. Many have organized citizen groups and Facebook pages such as the newly incorporated Safer Vancouver. They are committed to defending and reclaiming their neighbourhoods and being proactive about ensuring safety and livability for all.

To attend the Zoom session or to receive a summary contact


Safer Neighbourhoods

Crime and disorder in our neighbourhood parks and streets has skyrocketed since the NDP took power, with many of our communities reporting 10x calls to police year-over-year.  We need a strong voice to fight back against the policies that are harming our neighbourhoods.

More Prosperous Communities

In our current fragile economy, we need a government that understands business to provide an environment for investment and prosperity and an economic recovery that benefits ALL of BC.
NDP decisions are failing our province.


A More Desirable Place to Live

Olympic Village, Kits, Yaletown, the Granville Corridor, Gastown.  Some of the city's most impressive neighbourhoods need attention to keep them thriving and desirable.  A vote for the NDP is an endorsement of the policies that are harming these neighbourhoods.


Meet Sam Sullivan

Sam is one of the most inspiring and influential figures in Vancouver.  For decades, Sam has been a deeply passionate and driven advocate for all residents of Vancouver, from the most in need to the most thriving among us.

He has been elected twice as Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia for the riding of Vancouver False Creek, including serving as Minister of Communities, Sport and Cultural Development with responsibility for Translink. Prior to that, Sam served as Mayor of Vancouver from 2005-2008 and Vancouver City Councillor from 1993 to 2002.

He is a Member of the Order of Canada for his work with people with disabilities, the Founder of Global Civic Policy Society and the Founder of Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation. 

Sam's contributions to the community and his work to improve the quality of life for people with significant disabilities has earned him many awards, honours, distinctions, including: Board Member of the Rick Hansen Institute, Honourary Member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, the Christopher and Dana Reeve’s Award, the Terry Fox Award, Board member of the Canadian Club of Vancouver, Honourary Major in the BC Regiment, the Paul Harris Rotary Award and the Peter F. Drucker Award for Innovation.

He is a tireless fighter for the residents of Vancouver and asks for your continued support in the 2020 election to ensure he can continue making Vancouver the most livable place to live.

Sam and his partner Lynn have lived in the Riding of Vancouver False Creek for 17 years with their dog Joséphine.


Join My Next Zoom Meeting on Public Safety

Since May 2020, I've been bringing together a range of voices from the community to share updates and solutions for the safety and disorder issues our city is facing.  To join the next one please email me at


Voting By Mail?

Hundreds of thousands of British Columbians have already requested their mail-in ballots from Elections BC.  Remember to request and submit early!

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