During this campaign, I have very much enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the perspectives of the voters of Vancouver-False Creek, and to share some of my ideas.

Voters deserve to know where the candidates stand on the important issues that concern them. I think it is the obligation of any candidate to be open and transparent about their ideas and positions.

While campaigning over the last couple of months I have found that residents of our riding are intelligent, thoughtful individuals, who understand and have positions on a wide range of issues.

Throughout the campaign, I have worked very hard to share my ideas and perspectives with you, and had the courage to voice positions that some might consider provocative. You need to know who you are electing.

Before you make the important decision of who you want to be your MLA for Vancouver-False Creek, I encourage you to read my thoughts on any of the following positions I have written about during the campaign.

Open Data is a Key to Transparency

Arts and Culture in Our Community







Alternative Marijuana Legislation



An Urban Solution to Daycare

Keeping High Value Jobs in B.C.

A Carbon Friendly Lifestyle

The Significance of Mining to British Columbia

Keeping High Value Jobs in BC

Ensuring B.C.’s Economic Prosperity

A Short History of False Creek

British Columbia’s Healthcare Challenges

Education in a Changing World

The Glorious Diversity of our Riding

What an Environmentally Responsible Riding

My Perspective on the Olympic Village

Why is Vancouver False Creek a Wonderful Place

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