• Sam initiated the Street Car Demonstration project during the Olympics.

    “I want to bring street cars back to Vancouver.”

  • Sam was the driving force behind EcoDensity.

    “The average resident of Vancouver False Creek produces 20% of the greenhouse gas and uses 10% of the land of the average Canadian.”

  • Sam initiated the Street Car Demonstration project during the Olympics.

    “I want to bring street cars back to Vancouver.”

  • Sam personally raised $200,000 for the SALOME drug treatment project.

    “I support alternative drug treatment solutions.”

  • Sam spearheaded a $60 Million upgrade to cultural facilities like the Queen Elizabeth, the Play
    House and the Orpheum Theatres and added $500,000 per year to the municipal arts budget.

    “I am committed to the revitalization of our Cultural Industries.”

  • Sam lived in social housing and was on welfare for several years.

    Sam led the development of the largest Social Housing Investment in Vancouver in 40 years with 14 new buildings.

    “I am committed to an effective and intelligent Social Safety Net.”

  • Sam developed the public spaces of the Olympic Village and built almost 100 kilometers of bike routes.

    “I support the development of Great Public Places.”

  • Sam has engaged the citizens of Vancouver with new ideas by hosting 100 thinkers in 14 Public Salons.

    “My goal is to provide an opportunity for citizens to engage with new public policy ideas.”

  • Sam has encouraged citizens to celebrate each other’s cultures by creating the Greeting Fluency Program.

    “I invite you to download my Free Greeting Fluency App.”

May 2014 Public Salon

In days gone by, the Salons of France were where ideas and people that were changing society came together. The results were revolutionary – literally! Lynn and I want to bring back the concept of the Salon and make it relevant to our modern world. We bring eight very different people together and give them …

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Thank You


Congratulations to Premier Christy Clark and the BC Liberals for a tremendous victory.  I will be honoured to serve in a BC Liberal government and represent the residents of Vancouver-False Creek. I was proud to run alongside Premier Christy Clark and her BC Liberal team.  Christy was a model of hard work during the campaign, …

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The Issues in this Campaign


During this campaign, I have very much enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the perspectives of the voters of Vancouver-False Creek, and to share some of my ideas. Voters deserve to know where the candidates stand on the important issues that concern them. I think it is the obligation of any candidate to be open …

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